At Google I/O (Google’s Developer Conference) in 2014, Material Design was announced. If you are familiar with Android, then you surely have come in contact with Material Design by now. More recently, Google announced Material Design Lite so that you can extend the Material Design concepts for the Web. Material Design is a design language [...]

As an Android developer, it is vital that we secure our Android applications from theft. In addition to securing each application, we must protect updates to our applications in the form of in-app purchases. Without proper care, attackers can exploit your code and gain access to your unlocked content in an in-app purchase. These attackers [...]

I’m back with a quick, but very useful Android Studio tip. Have you ever wanted to get a quick snippet of documentation on a method or class that you are using in your Android application? If so, I have a quick keyboard shortcut that will save you time hunting down Android documentation for Java methods [...]

In this article, I am going to show you how to use GitHub to track changes for the source code of your Android applications. If you do not have a GitHub account, head over to GitHub and register an account. GitHub offers free git hosting of public repositories. The benefit of using source control, such as [...]