Reverse Search Workflow

I’m a huge fan of Tactical Arbitrage and use it all of the time to track down products to sell on Amazon. One workflow that I also like to do while I’m doing Product Research is a “Reverse Search”. A Reverse Search is where you take a list of ASIN(s) that you have found on Amazon and then feed that list of ASIN(s) to Tactical Arbitrage. Then, Tactical Arbitrage will search all of the available websites for that product. If it meets your criteria, then Tactical Arbitrage will display the product and you can make the final determination of purchasing and listing the product on Amazon. Unfortunately, this workflow is time consuming and requires you to track down the ASIN and you have to navigate both Amazon and Tactical Arbitrage.

ASIN Reverser Chrome Extension

Because of this tedious process, we created a Chrome Extension to take you right to the Tactical Arbitrage website from Amazon. This will let you research products within Amazon, and then go straight to Tactical Arbitrage for the Reverse Search.